It benefits to misspell sometimes. Search for the word ‘Naadi Josiam’ in Google and the only result it would bring up is a link to my website.

I was thrilled to see from the Webstat provided by my web host (34sp.com) that people have been lead into my site while searching for words like ‘Naadi Josiam’, ‘Kili Josiam’ etc. Those words were in one of the guest articles and…… (read the first sentence of this entry!).


I had this feeling before and I’m having it again now. In the last 3 months, I haven’t been learning anything in work and that is a very bad sign. I am trying hard to update myself in the technical front but am meeting so many roadblocks.

One side of me tells that all I need is just two weeks to pick up what I intend to but the other side keeps my morale down. I am normally an optimistic person and don’t get bogged down easily. So, what I need is the right environment to learn, which I would strive to create from now on. Let me see where I am in a month or so.

New Woodlands

Recently, we hosted my wedding reception at Hotel New Woodlands, Chennai. It so happened that the actual number of guests outnumbered the aniticipated ones and we had to request the hotel management to cater to the food requirements of the additional guests.

To my surprise, the hotel management insisted that we pay for the food bill of the additional guests in advance despite the fact that we had already settled a fat amount for the originally planned number. I got pissed off when they insisted that the amount be settled in CASH and my folks had to run around in search of ATM. They could have very well accepted Credit/Debit Cards as their restaurants do accept the same. Couldn’t believe that such a big hotel would be so inflexible at the crucial moment.

I would NEVER, EVER recommend New Woodlands to anyone in future.

Global Greenways

I got a mail today about the Chennai duo whose aim is to promote tree planting and coincidentally someone else forwarded me an old article about the same duo. They started ‘Global Greenways’ (earlier, ‘Environmental Society of Mandaveli‘) and have done a commendable job over the years. No wonder why Mandaveli roads are lined up with shady greens. The best thing is they give away free saplings and plant them too taking lot of efforts.

If you are interested in making your neighbourhood greener and would be able to spare some time & effort to water the saplings, you may approach ‘Global Greenways’ at (+91- 44) 24938368/24937060.