It was heartening to know that the Indian Railway Engineers are one of the sought after tribes in UK. I met an Indian Railway person yesterday, who said that he has come to UK on deputation through IRCON and lot many of his colleagues are here as well. Apparently, the company who is in charge of maintaining rail tracks in England has outsourced the work to IRCON in India. After the Software Engineers, Doctors & Nurses, it is the turn of Railway Engineers now. Way to go!!

Misquoted ?

“Love your job, but never fall in love with your company because you never know when the company stops loving you.” – Narayana Murthy (Chairman, Infosys)

I got a mail with the above quote. I couldn’t believe that Mr. Murthy would have told this. Any ideas, anyone ?

Another Indian in Bournemouth

What a great feeling it is to meet a fellow Indian on an alien land. After coming to Bournemouth 13 months ago, I met a Indian family for the first time and was greeted with the typical Tamil hospitality. The kesari & bondas, they served tasted like devamirtham and it was a welcome change, particularly after my taste buds got used to the self-cooked food I have been taking for the past several years.


FM wave has lit up Chennai it seems. Interesting to know that the Radio has found a way to bounce back. Years back, I used to listen to ‘Vividh Bharathi’ in Chennai AIR which was launched to counter ‘Ceylon Radio’, which used to be a big hit in South TN. Now, there are lot of private FM channels with Suryan FM leading the way, closely followed by Rainbow FM of AIR and Radio Mirchi.

Good for the Radio fans. I am missing it!

Dullest Blog

Ever since I discovered this dullest blog, I couldn’t restrain myself from checking that out for new entries every morning. To my disappointment the blog gets updated only once in 2-3 days. There aren’t enough dull moments in life, perhaps… & this is one of the blogs where I find such a lot of responses. I am sure that whoever writes that blog must be very pleased! 🙂

One of the entries, I liked.

I was at a meeting and became aware that I had nothing of any interest to add to the discussion. So I said nothing, and the discussion continued.

Check out the rest!!

Professional Contractors Group

Professional Contractors Group is an organisation that represents the freelancers and IT contractors in UK. Last year, they were up in arms against the Indian Software professionals in UK, claiming that they were eating up the local employment. Their pressure tactics worked as the Government removed ‘IT’ from the list of shortage skills. This effectively prevented the IT personnel (from India) coming into Britain for work. Now they have turned their ire on the pros already in the country, campaigning against Intra Company transfers. Gone are the days where young Indians used to dream of jobs abroad if they managed to learn a computer language or two in a institute of reasonable repute.