Day two and three in singapore

I woke up to the scent of something vanilla flavoured in my hotel room. It was my second day in Singapore (technically the third day, since we didn’t do anything except for checking in at the airport), and my family didn’t have much in mind. We had been staying in Singapore for three days, and all that we had done was to attend just one theme park. We eventually decided to explore the city itself.

The city is lush with greenery wherever we go. Even the buildings look like the hanging gardens as creepers hung from the skyscrapers, flowing down like a green waterfall. In the centre of each block, a small garden decked with trees were present. The city centre was bustling with traffic, full of cars everywhere.

We arrived in Chinatown. Opposite the bus stand on which we got off was Sri Mariamman temple (one of the Hindu temples in Singapore) which we paid a short visit.

There was a Buddhist half temple/museum nearby called the Buddha tooth relic, where apparently one of the teeth of Lord Buddha was kept. There were about 6 floors, full of relics from the time of Buddha. But the main attraction was this shrine that encased the tooth of Buddha. For a normal tooth, it was simply enormous, being the size of a tennis ball.

The streets in Chinatown were quite crowded; one street next to the Buddha tooth relic temple was filled to the brim with hawkers, street food outlets. The kerb was cluttered with shops trying to sell souvenirs and chopsticks to tourists.

We had lunch in little India, a part of Singapore that had a high concentration of Indians, and then took a taxi to the Merlion statue. The Merlion is a mythical creature that is half lion-half fish. In person, however, the statue was quite small. In my opinion, the statue was quite hyped up.

We decided to go to one last thing before going home. The Gardens by the bay was a really famous attraction in Singapore. It was a vast park consisting of three parts: a huge dome in which a botanical array of plants were displayed. The next one was also a huge dome, in which a huge artificial mountain was set up, covered with plants and flowers. A waterfall flowed from it. There was a stairway set up running to the top of the mountain. At the top, there was a huge garden.

The last attraction includes a lot of huge, artificial trees. Every night, those trees would light in a light show. However, in my opinion, it wasn’t very pleasant since the climate was quite humid, and we had to wait for over three hours. When it was actually time for the light show, it was quite boring.

The next day, we decided to go to universal studios. It took about half an hour to get tickets, but after that, we were in.

The park was divided into various sections. The first one was themed on new york’s Broadway, but it was pretty boring. It was full of cafes. The next one was based on star wars. It had a huge rollercoaster, with two tracks. We skipped that section as well.

The section after that was themed on Shrek. There was a small rollercoaster, and a comedy show, and a 4d shor film.

There was one more small section based on Madagascar, where there was a raft ride. The ride was designed to simulate a storm, and in the end, we all got soaked.

In the end, we all went home. And at the end of the day, we all went to a restaurant called the soup kitchen with this amazing tomato soup.