Dubai frame

You might be cruising through the streets of Dubai, and see that large, hollow, rectangular like building. The frame-like building, unwittingly, is named after its unique shape. It seems to be gold-plated, and swirling designs cover the building from almost every side.

My spring break had just begun, and my family decided to take a trip to Dubai for a refresher. We decided to take a trip to the newly opened Dubai frame.

After navigating the confusing, tangling streets and exits of inner Dubai, we reached the Dubai frame (after numerous re-routing by google maps). The entrance fee for adults (which seemingly included a 12-year-old) was 50 bucks, and 20 for children.

Although the waiting line for going inside the building was about 3o-40 minutes, the queue by most standards for most tourist attractions of this size was quite quick. There was a short exhibition of sorts showcasing Dubai in the 60s to the 80s, and then we took an elevator ride up. The panorama elevator was quite quick, rising 150 metres in 75 seconds, showing the skyline of Dubai as we rose.

When we reached the top, the entire skyline could be seen. On one side here was Deira, and on the other side, you could see Bur Dubai. Unfortunately, it was evening, and the smog was covering most of the skyscrapers. The swirling designs that I mentioned covered a lot of the skyline.

The floor was glass through the middle so that you can see the ground below you. Unfortunately, the lights from the ceiling created a glare in the floor, which ruined most of the effect.  There wasn’t much to see aside from that, and the experience was terrible.

There was a short movie that showed how Dubai would look in 50 years or so, but it was quite unrealistic. It showcased stuff pulled right out of a movie like star wars, albeit one set in Dubai. Aside from that, there was nothing else to see.

So, that was my experience in the Dubai frame, which in my opinion is just another one of those tourist traps that seem a bit worthless when you finally get to the main thing.

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