To the lion city – Day one

Singapore is a city-state that is in Asia, that neighbours Malaysia. It is famous partially for its numerous islands and its flora and fauna, but also the hygiene of it’s the bustling metropolis and the greenery. It is this utopia which I selected for my winter holiday.

After a short stop in Sri Lanka, we touched down at Changi airport and quickly went to the hotel, which was where we spent the rest of the day.

The next day, we went Sentosa island. The island contains two parks, the first one being universal studios and the other one is Sentosa park and resort. Since it would take quite some time to visit each theme park, we visited Sentosa park.

There are quite a few ways to go to Sentosa park, but we decided to do the tourist thing to do; ride the cable car. There was a cable car service running from Sentosa island to the mainland.

Once we got to the island, we went on a ride called the luge. A luge is sort of a sledge ride on which you slide down a track. It kind of felt like a high-speed go-karting experience.

After we finished that ride, we went to go on a zip line. I was kind of scared to go on it since I don’t like most high-speed rides; it’s not the speed itself that I don’t like but the sensation that you feel when you drop really suddenly. They buckled me to a harness, and released me by reducing the tension in the zip line; that way, I was free to drop. The ride was over quickly but it was slightly scary for the first two seconds. The zip line rope was from the top of a tall hill all the way to a tiny island, so the ride was pretty steep. I was kind of glad that it was over.

The next ride was called a Segway, and the way it worked was that it was sort of a scooter, and when you lean forward, the scooter kind of pushes forward by itself.

It may not seem like much but that all we did that day. But Sentosa was a really huge island, and it took ages to get from one place to the other.





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