The first day at my new school

I joined a new school in Class 3. This is my second school in Bangalore.

On the first day of the new school, in the morning I boarded the bus and took my seat. When I reached the school campus, I did not know where my class was. But I realized that many of the children from all the classes were heading towards the auditorium. Few went to the cafeteria. I made my choice and went to the auditorium. There, one of the teachers told me the way to my class. As it took time to reach my class, I forgot about the breakfast. A class mate of mine helped me to go to the cafeteria. There, I made a new friend and his name is Kushal.

On the first day, the teacher asked us to write an essay on ‘My Summer Holidays’. On a piece of white paper, I jotted down how I spent my holidays. The teacher told us that we will be receiving the school diary after one week. Until that time, we will have to make note of everything in the rough note book.

In the evening, we all went home. The

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