Losing the training wheel

Today, as I was cycling with my friends, playing and what not, an old memory was brought back to mind. It is quite memorable, and it will be treasured by me for a long time.

Back when I lived in Bangalore, India, i had this tiny (compared to now) red cycle.  I was quite adamant to have the training wheels off the cycle, but my father dragged me along the way, saying that i never will learn if i don’t do it. I begged him not to do so on the way to the repair shop, but out went the training wheels.

An hour or two later, I was outside with the cycle once again, my father holding the seat behind me. He promised that he would hold me as I cycled, which he did for a while, until he let go. I was gaining speed and when i looked back I almost fell down. But that was the first time i cycled, truly on my own

A lot can change in a year…

So, the past year or so has been pretty busy, and there have been quite a few changes. Aside from the posts that i have done recently, the last one I wrote was when I was 8 years old (I am now 12, studying in 7th grade) I have moved from India, to downtown Abu Dhabi in the UAE. I have made lots of friends here.

My new school is called Gems Cambridge International school. Although it is a bit far away from my house ,(37 km, but the bus takes 1 hour to get there because of the number of stops)I have comfortably settled in. In fact, i have already completed year 6 here.


Back again!!

So, it’s been a year since my last post and i have been inactive for quite a while. I haven’t used the blog much (this is my fourth post) and for a while, i forgot that this section of the blog (the part written by me; the other pages are managed by my dad) existed.

I would like to apologize for not posting anything on this blog, but there have been a few technical matters. I’ll try to be more active in the future…

After all, the saying goes:

“better late then never”

Anirud, signing out.

​The Nexus of our Thoughts 

Welcome to the brain ,
Which is nothing like you’ve seen.
It’s quite fleshy,but is light as rain.

It’s quite hollow,
Consisting of swirls of thought ,
On the outside, just a maze
Of memories that you’ve got.

The neurons connect,
To form new pathways ,
And give new ideas.

Conspiracies, plots
It all emerges from here,
And the emotions and intelligence,
Is all Buried in our brain.

The first day at my new school

I joined a new school in Class 3. This is my second school in Bangalore.

On the first day of the new school, in the morning I boarded the bus and took my seat. When I reached the school campus, I did not know where my class was. But I realized that many of the children from all the classes were heading towards the auditorium. Few went to the cafeteria. I made my choice and went to the auditorium. There, one of the teachers told me the way to my class. As it took time to reach my class, I forgot about the breakfast. A class mate of mine helped me to go to the cafeteria. There, I made a new friend and his name is Kushal.

On the first day, the teacher asked us to write an essay on ‘My Summer Holidays’. On a piece of white paper, I jotted down how I spent my holidays. The teacher told us that we will be receiving the school diary after one week. Until that time, we will have to make note of everything in the rough note book.

In the evening, we all went home. The

My Best Friend

When I shifted from the United Kingdom to India (the country which I was born in), we moved to Bangalore. First, I was really bored.

My mother however insisted that I should be active and never be dull. I was watching some kids play at our apartment. Then I met a boy called Ram Ganesh, who had the same problem as me. He had also moved from United States of America to Bangalore in India and had no one to play with. We started playing every day and eventually became good friends.He studied in a different school, but in the same class. Ram Ganesh was learning Karate and used to play with me every day after his Karate classes. We used to go to each other’s house and play until he moved out of our apartment. Till date, Ram Ganesh is the best friend I have ever had and I miss him so much.