Update on Anirud

There was once a time when I used to religiously update this blog documenting every possible milestone in Anirud’s early years.  Hmm… that was a long while ago. There are quite a few things that happened between this post and the previous one. So, here are the snippets.

*  In April this year, Anirud turned 10. We did not celebrate it in a big way, but had a quiet celebration at home.

*  He moved to Grade 5 at school and also got moved to IGCSE curriculum (British). Had we been living in UK, he would have been studying in Grade 6 now, but he lost a year due to our relocation to India in 2011. Anyway, that is not something that we (or for that matter Anirud himself) are unduly bothered about.

*  Anirud is learning to pla tennis and has been making reasonable progress in the last few months.

*  He is also learning to play flute for the last 2.5 years and he has been doing good there too.

*  Anirud is often bossed around by his kid brother Srivaths, but has now learnt to *tackle* him. 🙂

*  The fact that he is a book worm has been documented in this blog many a times. His current favourte author is Rick Riordan, as he has read almost all of his titles. He is currently on to Harry Potter series, but somehow doesn’t seem to like ‘Lord of the Rings’.


More on him in the forthcoming days (hopefully!). 🙂