Silver Medal at NSO

Attended the Annual Day event at Anirud’s school. To organise an event of such big proportions, with parents of 2500 kids attending is quite a task. Was very much impressed with their event management skills, as I have witnessed several events at this school in the last one year.

During the event, the Principal was presenting the Annual Report, wherein he was talking about various achievements of the kids over the course of the academic year. While I was awe struck at the sheer variety of the skills that the kids possessed and the way this school was encouraging and recognizing them, I was pleasantly surprised when he mentioned Anirud’s name for the Silver Medal he bagged at the National Science Olympiad earlier this year. Yeah, it was that proverbial “தான் பெற்ற மகனை சான்றோன் என பிறர் கூறக் கேட்ட தந்தை” moment. 🙂

In the larger scheme of things, it is less than 5-seconds of fame. In fact, Anirud or any of his friends didn’t even hear him being mentioned by the Principal as they were at the back of the stage getting ready for their event (Indian Musical Choir). But as a parent, I swelled with joy and pride. Irrespective of the above, we are proud of you Anirud. We really are. Congratulations.IMG-20140131-00107

IMG-20140131-00109 - Copy