New Place, New School and New Timings 

​Anirud has started class 6 at a new school in Abu Dhabi. It would be his fourth school after Chesham Bois CE School, Gopalan National School and Greenwood High. As always, his expectations from the school are for a big library with a good collection of books. He appears to be looking forward to the new school and the year ahead with the only dampener being the very early start from home. 

With most of the schools located far away from the city in UAE, the kids will have to travel approximately 40 kms each way. So, we end up having the bus outside our building at 6:10 am (yes, you read it right), which means he will have to be up and running not later than 5:15 am. There is no other go and we hope he’d get used to this routine pretty soon.