Words of Wisdom

One of the irritable problem with Anirud of late is his lack of responsiveness. One will not have any clue on whether or not he is listening or about his intentions. Sometimes, a bit of yelling works. Sometimes, nothing works at all.

One day last week, he was being asked to do some errands by his mom. As expected, there was no word from him. I was in the other room and I could see Anirud getting up to help her out, but my wife didn’t have an idea about what he is up to. This flared me up and I said, “Why don’t you tell her that you are on the way? Not responding is rude and this is not on……”.

Whenever such conversations happen, he will go on a defensive mode cooking up some reason or other as to why he couldn’t respond or perhaps, why we were unable to hear. However, this time was different. With a sage like look, he said “Appa, it is not possible to make everyone happy! We have to do what we like!!”.

Thankfully, I didn’t have a mirror to see my face when I heard that.