Hand Writing

Anirud and I went to a school (not the one he is attending now) for some enquiries. The school’s campus was well spread out and the infrastructure was visibly very impressive. In the lobby, there were huge portraits of people like Abdul Kalam, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi etc with their famous quotations printed underneath. Dr. Abdul Kalam had visited this particular school few weeks ago and had scribbled a personalised message along with his signature on his portrait. While we were waiting for someone, Anirud went over the lobby and observed everything with keen intent.

After we were done with our work at that school, while on the way back I asked him what he thought of the school and how different it is from his current school. Pat came the reply: “appa, Abdul Kalam’s handwriting is even worse than mine. Was he really a big scientist? “. Of all the things in the school, look what this fella has noticed.

Well, the reason why he had particularly commented about his own handwriting is that, since the beginning of this academic year there is a noticeable decline of standards in his handwriting. As it became too obvious, he started working on it by practising daily, but the speed at which he was required to write at school is something he is unable to come to terms with yet. We know and he knows that it is only a matter of time before the turnaround happens. We are all looking forward to that.