Annual Holidays

It was the first annual vacation in India for Anirud and he spent couple of weeks each at Trichy and Chennai. At Chennai, where he stayed at his paternal grandparent’s place, he stayed without us. We were quite anxious that he might get bored at some point and expected my parents to bring him to Bangalore in a matter of few days. But, that didn’t happen and he had a jolly, good time with lots of books, TV and a visit to Birla Planetarium.

There are lot of summer camps on everything under the sun happening in our area, but we enrolled him only in Table Tennis – as we had planned this trip to Trichy and Chennai a while ago. It so happened that he had 4 lessons of TT before breaking for vaction only to learn upon returning that the TT coach has been terminated by our apartment association.

With many children in is age group out on vacation, the community is really very quiet. Anirud literaly kills his time with books, IPL, Wii games and occasional cycling. Two more weeks to go before the school reopens and this brat will go to Class II.

Spell Bee

Proud and pleased that Anirud has qualified to the State Level of the Spell Bee competition. From this stage, the task becomes a little more complicated as he will have to decipher the pronunciation key and identify the right words. We are not force feeding anything now, as we don’t want him to take the pressure. The State level competition will happen sometime in June / July time frame. Will keep this space updated!