Happy Birthday, 7-year old

Happy Birthday, my dear boy!

You are a 7-year old now. Apart from the year when you were born, I have always been with you on your birthday. But this year, you are with your grand parents enjoying the summer vacation. Life is all about enjoying every moment and I am glad that you are doing that right now.

Over the last few years, I have learnt that it is easy to communicate to you by writing to you than by talking to you. By the time you are back to Bangalore from your vacation, you will find a letter waiting for you that may eventually end up in this blog one day. For now, have a great time!

Being God

On the other day, I was on a mood to pull Anirud’s leg and I was telling him that I know the answers to any question that he may have.

“How do you know everything? Are you God?”

“Yes, I am”, I replied and he got more excited.

“If you are God, tell me what exactly is thaathaa (grandpa) in Chennai is doing now?” and there were few more questions of this nature that I managed to fend off.

At this point, he realised that he has been asking questions whose answers that he could not verify. So, he took out the Encyclopedia and was like – “Now tell me – what is printed in page 125. Tell me all that has been printed so that I can verify”.

I knew that I got cornered, so I told him that I know the answer but I don’t want to tell him.

Pat came the reply, “You are not God. You are lying”.


“Because, God won’t be silly like this”.


Promoted to Class II. Seems like yesterday that this little fella took his first steps to the school and he is class 2 already. ‘Promoted’ is a little too much of a word here, considering that he is moving only to Class 2, but that is the word in the official communication sent by the school.

Well, Congratulations Anirud. You are a Class II student now. šŸ™‚