Chota Bheem

If He Man, Super Man, Spider Man etc captivated the children during our time as kids, it is the turn of Chota Bheem and his ilk now. Anirud was not an avid TV watcher in UK. He used to watch TV for a maximum of 1 hour a day and that was it. If something has changed drastically in the last 5 months after our relocation to Bangalore, it is his TV addiction and his obsession towards Chota Bheem. As most of the kid’s channels have got a programme or two on one of the variants of Chota Bheem, Anirud prefers to have the TV remote in his control whenever he is at home. This is being challenged and we are putting in controls in order to arrest the addiction trend. Although those are being severely resisted, it is gradually paying results.

There is one another character that would only come a close second to Chota Bheem – it is BEN 10. As I am no where near the alien stuff, I am not sure what it is all about. All I know is Ben 10 is another one of my brat’s obsessions.


All three of us had an awful fall on the road at White Field – Bangalore while travelling on a motorbike couple of weeks ago. Although it is a very minor accident by any standards, Anirud being the one sitting on the petrol tank of the bike fell on the road and sustained injuries on his head. Upon being taken to the hospital within minutes of the fall, Anirud had couple of sutures – one on the forehead and the other just below his eyebrow.

We both were very sorry to see him with the sutures, but as always he was amazingly cooperative with out any fuss. Six days after the accident, the sutures were removed and Anirud is doing well – but for the scars that still remain. Hopefully the scars will go away over a period of time.

Other than the inconvenience, if this incident lead to something, it is to prioritise the car buying!

Swagatham Krishnaa!

Swagatham Krishna! Saranaagatham Krishna!!

This was the song that Anirud sang at his school in the preliminary round of the Singing competition. He learnt the song by repeatedly listening to the MP3 of K.J. Yesudas and his mom fine tuned his pronounciation. Anirud seems to have sung it so well that he became eligible for the final round. It is rather unfortunate that he caught cold and had a terrible throat condition on the day of the finals. His teacher said that all the teachers at school and the Principal loved the way he sung that they made him sing at the staff room quite a few times.

Well, there is always a next time.