Tooth Fairy

It has been a while since I updated this blog, but it does not mean that there is nothing happening in Anirud’s world. He has been growing up as usual, going to school, making friends, playing out, learning Hindi and he has even lost one of his tooth.

Talking about tooth, one in his lower jaw has been shaky for the last few months. Had he continued normally, it would have fallen off in few days. But this brat got so scared of the tooth and he made sure that not even a grain of rice touched that shaky baby tooth. At last, it took an inadervent knock on the jaw from his classmate that brought down that tooth and ended his misery. The myth of this age is that if one puts the broken teeth under his pillow while going to bed, the tooth fairy would take it away and leave some money behind. Anirud dutifully did his bit and guess what – the tooth fairy left him ten quid.