If someone asks Anirud ‘How old are you?’, they are most likely to see him raise both his hands and say ‘SIXER’ in cricketing parlance. As IPL coincided with his school term holidays, Anirud doesn’t miss a single over and it does show in everything he does.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sixer. Here is a wishing that God bless you with enough strength to scale more heights. Six years have rolled by fast. Needless to say, every day has been a real treasure with you. Be the sweetie pie, as you have always been.

Karate Kid

More than three months back, we watched the movie ‘The Karate Kid’ (Jaden Smith, Jackie Chan; 2010). Never did we think that a movie will create such an impact in Anirud. It is a no-brainer that the movie pleased him that he started mocking the karate poses and till date at every opportunity he strikes a pose with a shrill ‘oooh yaaah’ cry. In the movie, Jackie Chan would ask Jaden Smith to drop and pick up his jacket several hundred times. Anirud would normally throw away his jacket on the sofa whenever he comes in. Right from the day after this movie, he always looks for a hanger and gets it to its place in the wardrobe.

Few months ago, Anirud was finding it a little difficult to manage certain little things at school. While he could treat the jokes and funny banter as they are, he was clueless about what or what not to say / do when the thin lines were breached despite the fact he knew that they were being breached. Being a kid with high self-esteem, it was very easy for us to spot that he was not exactly happy about what was going on. After due consultation with the school, we took some measures and things fell back in place reasonably soon. It was at this time, we happened to see ‘Karate Kid’. I was pleasantly surprised that Anirud watched the movie with keen intent and picked up the right message. By any stretch of imagination, I wouldn’t want Anirud to get physical about anythng – but what I mean is, he got the confidence to handle things on his own. When things are not alright, he just knows how to convey that appropriately and come out of it.

Months later, I gently touched upon the topic and enquired if everything is fine and he replied – “Don’t worry appa. Everything is fine. If not, I will handle that and sort it out. I am just telling you so that you know”.

Versatile Blogger Award

Anitha @ Anisnest seems to think that this blog is worthy of Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks very much Anitha. Much appreciated.


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7 random facts about Anirud:

1. Anirud started to walk when he was 10 months old, but for him to talk we had to wait until his second birthday.

2. As of now, Anirud sleeps for not less than 11 hours a day. When he falls short of that for any reason, he will make us regret for not giving that extra time.

3. Anirud strongly believes that he is really lucky to be in the school where he is studying now.

4. Some of Anirud’s strong favourites are: Books, Books, more books.

5. In the recent times, Anirud has been banned from playing games in Daddy’s mobile as they have become too addictive.

6. On a casual observation, Anirud will appear to be more of a talker than a listener. Just when you think so, he will swap roles and starts to focus / listen with amazing concentration.

7. The first movie that Anirud watched at the cinema was ‘Sivaji’ (Tamil) and the last one as of today was ‘Despicable Me’. He does enjoys going to the movie with his mom, who takes him for a kid’s movie every half term. Apart from the above, he has watched ‘Thillu Mullu’ and ‘Maya Bazaar’ innumerable times.

Passing on to all those who visits this site, which will be very few if I am right.