During a casual conversation, Anirud told me that he was not scared of ordinary dogs, but only of bulldogs. When I asked him what he means by a bulldog, he replied ‘the one that is humongous’. I was a bit taken aback by that word for which he explained ‘Humongous means – very huge.. something that is bigger than enormous’. Unsure of the explanation, I looked up in the dictionary and voila.. he is right. I am glad that his learning is not confined to the teachings at home and that he is picking up words like these from other kids.

That aside, it was an interesting lesson for me and he wanted this information to be recorded in HIS blog – “it is my blog appa.. you are only an author, but the blog is mine”.

Lessons Learnt

Me: என்ன பிள்ளை-டா நீ?
(What kind of boy are you?)

Anirud: I am a pillai (boy) whose dad is very naughty.

Long back I read somewhere – “If you ask silly questions to the kids, expect an equally silly answer”. Serves me right for forgetting this.