Alarm Clock

Anirud wanted to have an alarm clock for sometime and we bought him one. We made sure that the one we bought rings out really loud, as it will save us a bit of time and lot of energy in the morning when he has to get ready for school. I think he had seen it in films where people (or kids in particular) wake up to the ring of the alarm. As he is still in holidays, we set it up to ring at around 8 in the morning and we were safely out of the bedroom when it rang. Seconds after it went out, he switched it off and came into the hall, flashing a victorious grin – showing all his tooth, with the satisfaction of having achieved something. Isn’t it sheer bliss to be innocent?

Blood Highway

Ever heard the term ‘Blood Highway’? Don’t worry, there is nothing gory about that.

Blood travels all over the body, right? In the hand, it travels like on the road and that is called Blood Highway. You can see the design of that highway on your hand. Yes, look at the lines on your hand (கை ரேகை) and that is what Blood Highway is about.

Where on earth, do these kids get their darn ideas from?


Couple of days ago, Anirud was in a very cranky mood and he was feeling very sleepy. It didn’t help much when we asked him to tidy up his toys when he was not in a mood to comply with anything sensible. As my wife and I were having our lunch, we decided to ignore him while this brat was loudly ranting to no one in particular. He went on like ‘All of you are upsetting me’. As his eyes fell on the picture on the wall, he felt that he was wrongly accusing someone. Suddenly, in a mellowed down voice he continued, ‘Not you, Pillayar. Not you’.


These days, Anirud is casually dropping off words like ‘credit’, ‘insurance’, ‘bank statements’ etc during the course of conversation. I believe he has picked up these stuff either from us or from the telly. In an attempt to corner him, I asked what he knew about ‘insurance’ and he offered this explanation.

‘If you lose something, you don’t need to cry whooooooooooooowwwooo (pretends to cry). If you call the insurance man, he will give you money to buy that thing’.

We were stumped. That is a decent, no-frills explanation of an Insurance. Isn’t it?

Cassiobury Park

Ever since Anirud’s summer holidays started, we haven’t been able to take a decent break. We had planned quite a few things for his vacation, but all our best laid plans went haywire. During one of the exceptionally good sunny spells, we went to a place called Cassiobury Park and Anirud did have a ball of a time there. Some photos.