Cricket – CSK

We are playing indoor cricket at home (of course with plastic bat and ball). The batsman and the bowler will belong to opposing teams (obviously), despite the fact that each team has only one player. No matter which team others belong, Anirud’s team will always be called ‘Chennai Super Kings’.

Thank You!

The fact that Anirud hasn’t been attending the school for the second consecutive week seems to be bothering his class mates over there. While they made a very nice ‘Get Well’ card for him, a teacher from the school called us up today telling us that Anirud’s friends want to know how he is doing and when he’ll return. Apart from that, quite a few parents (and few other friends in the neighbourhood) have been calling / texting us enquiring about his health and offers for help. It is very nice to know that we have so many people out there who care. Not sure how many will be reading this post, but for those who do, THANK YOU so much for your concern. We are really touched.

About Anirud’s health, he is doing very well right now. He hasn’t had any fever for the last three days. However, he needs rest for a few more days. He is likely to get back to school later this week.

Off from the school

Anirud hasn’t been to school for the last one week. He had severe cold on Monday and Tuesday. From Tuesday evening, he had high temperature as well. While we thought it might be chicken-pox, doctors ruled out that one and wanted to observe him to find the cause of fever. So, he has been admitted to the hospital. Hospital as such is very nice and warm. Though he is having fever, he is well and active – reading books, playing with toys etc. We are hoping that he will be discharged from the hospital today.

While he was at the hospital, I went to the parent’s evening at his school to have a one-to-one with his teacher. She said that his classmates missed him a lot during the past week. Seems that he has settled down well at this new school and making good impressions. There were some areas where we need to work with him to tap his full potential. Overall, I was more than pleased with the feedback she gave. As Anirud is fond of books, she gave me quite a few books for him to read while he is at the hospital, which was really nice of her. It is good to know that he is loved, liked and missed by quite a few. On that count, credit goes to Anirud. Thank you, Lord.

World of Sports

Not sure if this is for real. Anirud turned down my offer of switching to his favourite CBeebies channel. Instead, he chose to watch IPL cricket match. Though he hasn’t watched cricket before, he likes Dhoni – for he has seen him in few adverts in India. So, Anirud’s support is for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

Oh yeah… his new ambition in life is to become a footballer. hmm.. perhaps, the effect of attending footie sessions at school.

Oh Jesus!

Anirud’s school had their new building inaugrated by a Bishop last week. The students and their parents were gathered in a hall when the Bishop walked-in in his traditional purple robe with a reasonably big metal cross hanging around his neck. The crowd fell silent for a moment and also since Bishop’s attire was strikingly different from others, he was clearly noticeable.

At this time, Anirud pulled me and whispered in Tamil, ‘அப்பா, யாருப்பா இந்த மேன்? இவரு தான் ஜீசஸ்-ஆ? ஜீசஸ் பெத்லேஹெம்-ல தானே இருப்பாரு. எதுக்காக எங்க ஸ்கூலுக்கு வந்திருக்காரு? இது ஜீசஸ் இல்லப்பா. அவர மாதிரியே, வேற யாரோ.’ (Dad, who is this man? Is he Jesus? Jesus will be in Bethlehem, right? What is he doing in our school? No, this is not Jesus. He is some body who looks like Jesus.)

Lunch Strategy

Far from being a nice little chap who always emptied his lunchbox properly, Anirud hasn’t been finishing his lunch at school these days. ‘If I keep eating, I don’t have time to go out and play pa’ is what he tells. His teacher has said that every time he finishes his lunch properly at school, his team will get a point. A trick that aims at boosting the team spirit and also achieve individual goals. Not sure if that would cut ice with these brats. Need to work out a good strategy.


One of the easiest ways to wind-up Anirud – not that we want to – is to answer ‘hmmmm’ for an affirmative answer, instead of saying an emphatic ‘Yes’. He’ll be even willing to accept a ‘No’, but ‘hmmm’ for some reason is a strict no-no. 🙂

Requests and Demands

As Anirud has got a habit of reading the headlines in BBC News website and also since he is in to reading every word that comes his way, most of the happenings around the world does not escape his attention. So, it is not a matter of surprise that he has some knowledge about the recent earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, poverty in Africa etc apart from what Barack Obama does to earn his daily bread.

As part of his morning ritual, Anirud prays to God – murmuring few slokams and later engages in a monologue placing requests and demands (more of the latter) that are typically like – he should study well, be a good boy, that he should get chocolate ice cream etc. These days, the focus of his demands are in a completely different league. It goes on like – ‘all boys and girls, elders should get food in africa’, ‘there should not be any more earth quake in haiti and chile’. After these demands, the monologue gradually turns in to questioning and chiding. ‘Thousands and thousands of homes and roads are broken in Chile. Do you know that? How will people cook food at home? Even restaurants are broken. Do you know that? Okay, no more earth quakes in Haiti and Chile, Do you understand?’.

We mind our tasks, pretending not to have heard this conversation.

Bend it like Beckham

On the first day at the football training camp that Anirud has joined recently, they played a match. In fact, they were playing two matches in the same ground. While the bigger brats knew what it is all about, the younger ones like Anirud were simply running behind the ball, irrespective of who was kicking it.

At the start of the match, Anirud was in ‘Green’ team playing against ‘Red’ team. At another corner of the same ground, there was a match between ‘Blue’ and ‘Yellow’. Not sure when that happened, few minutes into the match, he was seen playing in the ‘Yellow’ vs ‘Blue’ match. Before the coach or anyone else in the team realised this, he suddenly came back to the original match and was playing for ‘Green’. All he needed was a ball to chase and it doesn’t matter where he played and for whom. Watching this for about 15 minutes, I simply lost count of the times he switched matches. Funniest thing was when his friend was insisting to his father that this was how ‘foot ball’ should be played. 🙂