Trip to India

We made one another quick trip to India in February for yet another wedding in the family. As always, Anirud thoroughly enjoyed the trip as he was given nothing short of royal treatment whilst we were there.

While we were attending the wedding, Anirud went up to the people playing ‘nadhaswaram’ and said ‘This is a bit noisy. Will you please stop this?’. As they carried on ignoring his appeal, he went straight up to the nadhaswaram guy and tried to close the wind pipe with his hand, at which point he was driven away.

Also at the wedding, he got a chance to taste cotton candy (he was very excited at such a thing!), pop corn, jump up and down merrily at the bouncy castle and play with a bunch of newly acquired friends. His rhyming chant ‘Delhi Bombay Calcutta, Un Mudiya pudichchu izhukatta’ (Delhi-Bombay-Calcutta, Shall I pull your hair) became quite famous that many a number of boys and the groom himself were heard saying that often.

Though he was down with viral fever for three days, he was very active as usual and enjoyed plucking mango & almond leaves along with his grandpa. His maternal great grand father has got him truckloads of chocolates, which he declined as ‘junk food’.

One thing that grabs Anirud’s attention is the instructions on a package. Be it an instruction to assemble a toy or whatever, if it is in the pictorial form, he will play close attention to it and try to absorb as much as he could. Likewise, as soon as we got into the plane, the first thing Anirud looks for is the safety instruction sheet. He was seen spending lot of time going through such sheets in every plane and he was telling us the do’s and don’ts.

List of Items

Two pairs of gloves
One woolly hat
One spoon

These are the list of items – so far, that Anirud has manage to lose at school in the past two weeks. At this rate, we are clueless as where this would stop. The only reason he hasn’t lost anything else is because he wasn’t carrying anything else to school (except his lunch box, of course). Obviously, Anirud is in need of lessons on safe keeping.

We have done away with wooly hat already. Also, we have switched to £1 gloves instead of the good quality ones he was having earlier.