‘Appa, how was my performance?’ asked my boy beaming with pride. He was all smiles when he came down from the stage, after the nativity play was over. It was nice to see him on stage. As soon as he entered the stage, he scanned the audience looking for us. However, after spotting us recording the event, he went about his job and remained cool. In short, to answer his question – it was GREAT. 🙂

Anirud played the role of an ‘inn keeper’, wearing the Arabian costume. Being a play enacted by 3 to 5 year olds, it was nice, funny and enjoyable. No one had any dialogues to speak and the kids did exceedingly well. Can’t imagine the hard work put in by the school staff in getting the brats do what they were supposed to do. Being seated at the end, flash lights of our camera were not good enough to picture him properly resulting in the horrible picture as above. But I have a feeling that the video has come out well.

After the play, Anirud did talk to all the teachers individually presenting a small gift and biding them good bye.


Anirud: Where does Srilankan airlines fly to?

Me: To Srilanka from many places

A: Has Srilanka got an airport?

Me: Yes, they have one at Colombo.

A: Did they built it only now? Or is it there for a long time?

Me: It is very much around for a long time.

A: Then why did Anjaneyar fly to Srilanka. He could have gone by flight, no?

Getting to know about his day

There was a time when it was very difficult to get any information from Anirud about what happened at school or if he had any fruit or whatever. It is not that we want to probe every minute of what he does, but were generally curious to know what he has been up to. Also, if ever he is upset over something, it will be easy to deal with if we get to have the background story.

g cue from a TV programme, every day when we sat down for lunch we used to say what we have been doing since morning. That seemed to work like a charm as he started showing interest in bragging what he did, by including every bit of detail he could remember.


இந்த ஊர் சர்ச்-ல பிரிட்டிஷ் உம்மாச்சி தான் இருப்பாரு. ஆனா, நம்ம வீட்லயும், கோவில்-லயும் இந்தியன் உம்மாச்சி எல்லாம் இருப்பாரு.

(Only British God live in the churches of this country (UK). But you can find Indian gods in our home and temples).

Never knew that Gods have nationality. 😉

Nativity Play

Anirud’s school is planning for a nativity play on the last day of the term (11th December) and this brat is playing the role of an ‘inn keeper’. For the last few days, he has been narrating us about bits of the play and the roles played by his peers. I am looking forward to next Friday as I missed the one last year. 11th December will be Anirud’s last day at this wonderful school, as he will be moving to a primary school from the next term onwards.