Richard Branson

After months of Obama-mania, Richard Branson is Anirud’s hero of the moment. It all started when I was reading the said man’s book with his photo on the cover. Anirud pointed to Branson’s photo and queried who he is and what he does. From that point onwards, when ever he saw the Virgin logo, he recalled Richard Branson. To his joy, he could spot the logo literally at hundreds of locations. On the other day, he saw a Virgin train speeding by and Anirud got excited and said that Branson and his friends were travelling in that one. When he spotted the Virgin Atlantic lounge at the airport, he started calling Heathrow as ‘Richard Branson Airport’. Best part was when he declared one day: ‘When I become a big boy, I will grow beard like Richard Branson’. šŸ™‚

London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down,
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.

This popular nursery rhyme is one of Anirud’s favourite since he was two. When he grew up, he started questioning us about the bridge falling down and we tried to explain him about the Tower Bridge and the way it works. However much we explain, he still had his own doubts and it was then we decided to take him along to the bridge so that he can see it for himself. The bridge opens and closes only at a certain time and we had to run from the train station to make it just on time. Now Anirud is aware of what it means by falling down and he is seen explaining that with his hands to those who care to listen.

Transport Museum

Visited the Transport Museum at London, which I would rate as a hidden gem. At ten pounds, the ticket price is quite steep but for those interested in history and transport, there are quite a lot of things to see and know. The top 2 floors were a little boring for Anirud as we spent quite a bit of time reading through the descriptions. But, when it came to trains and buses and trams, it was all his. Anirud had a field day running on all the buses, sitting on the driver’s seat and what not.