Summer Holidays

Summer holidays have already begun. The school term ended with a farewell to the kids who will be moving to the primary school. Anirud has one more term at this school and so is the case with two of his closest friends. On the last day of the term, they also bid farewell to one of the teachers who is leaving the school and Anirud promptly asked me to be photographed along with her. The school is reopening after sixty days and as if that is not enough, he will be missing the first week of the next term because of our holiday plans. It is quite a challenging task to keep him occupied all through the summer, although the last few weeks of our holidays will be spent in India attendig a wedding.

Talking about wedding, it is the first wedding that Anirud will be attending. Thanks to the Tamil movies we see at home, he has got an idea that wedding involves lots of flowers and shiny new clothes. But, I am sure he has no clue about the scale of the event back home. It is going to be an exciting time for him and we are gearing ourselves for the questions he is gonna throw at us.


St Michaels church ku ponen.
(I went to the St Michael’s Church)

Anga, oru man ipdi hand-a vechindu (hands stretched) kann ellam moodindu ninnundu irundaaru.
(A man was standing there like this (hands stretched) and with his eyes closed)

Andha man-oda name daan God.
(That man’s name is God)


After his cycle, scooter is Anirud’s latest toy. We bought him one last year, but that was not so kids-friendly. So, we went in for a new scooter and already Anirud has extracted every penny’s worth of that. Best thing about this one is, he could use it indoors and literally everywhere. On the other day, we went shopping at IKEA and this fella was circling the aisles non-stop for several hours on his scooter. More than anything else, it allowed us to shop peacefully without him getting bored.

It is very weird that what we call scooter in UK is not the scooter that we know in India. Same goes with bike as well. When we go to India next month for holidays, we will have to do lot of explaining when Anirud is gonna trumpet his exploits with the scooter.