Took Anirud to Legoland, a visit that was long overdue and something that kept getting pushed back due to bad weather, work load and what not.

He had fun every bit of the day and went on as many as fifteen rides. The fact that we chose to go on a week day meant that the queues were much shorter. Anirud spotted a ‘Driving School’ in the map and wanted to go there. His face was glowing when we approached the place and saw the ‘L’ sign. However, that attraction was meant to be for 6-13 year olds and Anirud was mighty pissed off – to say the least. They did have another one for 3-5 year olds, but it perhaps appeared as a very poor substitute. Walking all day long in the hot weather and hunger made him throw tantrum at that stage and he just wanted to get out of the park. He relented only when the queue for the Little Kid’s Driving School shortened further. He had his fun there and with photographs taken and a ‘licence’ issued, the brat returned to his normal self. Check the picture for the licence he was seen sporting around.

We came back with quite a couple of souvenirs and it was indeed a great day.