Favourtie Man

Guess who is Anirud’s man of the moment? In his own words, “Obama daan ennoda favourite man” (Obama is my favourite man), whatever that means. 🙂 The day after Barack Obama’s inaugration as President of USA, we were at a shop gazing at dozens of newspapers – all carrying the pictures from the inaugration. Initially, Anirud was excited at being able to identify Obama and later on he became excited as he recognised the event that he watched the previous day. At that very instant, Obama became his ‘favourite man’. :)) As Anirud has been chattering non-stop about the world’s powerful man for the last couple of days, I asked him what he knew about Obama for which he replied that his favourite man gives speeches and everyone claps. One question that I am unable to answer him was – “Why didn’t Obama become the President of UK?”.

Anirud’s Theory on Bones

1. Milk has calcium. If you drink lot of milk, your bones will become strong and won’t break. Milk is white in colour. So, bones are also white.

2. If you drink Complan, your bones will turn yellow because Complan (Mango flavour) is yellow in colour.

3. If you drink coffee, bones will be strong because coffee has got milk. (No comments about the colour of the bones, whatsoever)

Show Off

Today morning, when I dropped Anirud at his school – he had a word with his friend P, then came running back to me and started searching my pockets frantically for something. He located my mobile phone and before I could say a word, ran towards his friend and said ‘My dad has a Blackberry’. He turned back to me with a satisfied smile after noticing the jaws of his friend drop. That was clearly a show off. Seems that his friend had boasted about something else his dad had got and this fella wanted to do a ‘mine too’. Will be interesting to know how his friend retaliates.

Eating Habits

Due to rounds of cold, cough, flu etc affecting everyone in the family over the last few months, it was easier for us to feed Anirud by ourselves. Clearly, we didn’t have any bit of energy with us to beseech him to sit properly and have his food or to stand his occasional tantrums if he is not in a mood to eat.
Now that we have got back to normal, we resolved to make this little brat eat on his own. I should say, that it was a sort of shock when we offered him breakfast and asked him to eat. He flatly refused and the bowl was removed after giving him 20 minutes. He was more than happy to go hungry. It continued the same way for lunch and he was demanding us to feed him (‘ootti vidu ma‘). Not eating for the whole day might be fashionable, but he couldn’t withstand it. As chapathis were being prepared for dinner, we could see him grab that in his plate, run away to his table and within a matter of 90 seconds he finished a chapathi and kept asking for more.


அப்பா: ஹ்ம்ம்….. என்ன பிள்ளை-டா நீ?

அனிருத்: கருவேப்பில்லை

[Dad: Enna pilla da nee? Anirud: Karuvepilla (curry leaves)]

There is no meaning or anything to what he said. The spontaneity of his reply was very funny.