End of School Term

Anirud’s school term came to an end last week. On the last day of the term, there was a nativity play at school and every kid had a part in that. I was unfortunate to miss the event, but could understand when his mom said that it was fun to watch the 3 & 4 year olds who were supposed to do a part – waving at their parents, talking to one another, scratching their head etc. Anirud’s role in that 50 minute play was that of an elephant and like many kids, he was also scanning the audience from the stage trying to spot us. It is a shame that our camera didn’t work at that time and camcorder was left behind at home.

After the play, there was a small event with Father Santa making an appearance for giving out christmas gifts. Anirud also had the joy of posting two dozen greeting cards for his pals at the special post box put up at school. They also bid farewell to couple of children, who were leaving the nursery to the primary school. In all, it was a happy beginning of three weeks of holidays.

Anirud waiting with the other kids to be called by Santa


In the recent times, Anirud seem to be quite appreciative of his ‘friends’ and at times he seem to miss them too. A week into his term break and few days after our visit to our friend’s place, he makes regular references to the fellow fellow children at school and other kids whom het met elsewhere. Apart from Varsha-kka & Advika, whom he has been meeting in regular intervals for years now, other names like Parsa, Megan, Priya, Varun, Architha, Aparna find a mention every now and then.

We were shopping at a supermarket some day, when Anirud pointed to a boy model in some advert and claimed that he is his friend from school. He still refuses to believe that a child – whom we think is very close to him at the nursery, will not be around for the next term.