Thamizh Yaanai

Recently, I pointed to a picture of an elephant and asked Anirud if he had seen that animal. I expected him to say yes as he had seen an elephant during our visit to Trichy last year. But this bugger said a firm ‘no’. When I reminded him of the place where he had seen the elephant, he was like “adhu thamizh yaanai pa. naan elephant paathadhu illa” (That was a Tamil yaanai(elephant), but I haven’t seen the elephant). After observing him for a while, I think he prefixes the word ‘Thamizh’ to anything related to India, like ‘Thamizh letter’, ‘Thamizh TV’ etc.

Formal Wear

I was getting ready for work wearing a jeans and a t-shirt. Anirud was astonished on seeing me going to work in an informal attire. With a stunned look on his face, “Appa, indha dress pottundu pogaadhe. enakku pudikkalai. office dress pottundu po” (Don’t go out in this attire. I don’t like it. Wear the office dress (formal wear) while going out).

Perhaps, he was taught in nursery about various types of dresses etc that he always makes it a point to wear a different attire when he returns home.

New House

We have moved to a slightly more comfortable, spacious apartment within the same town. Anirud is enjoying well at our new home as it has got plenty of room to run around. As the house is bare without any furnitures, it looks bigger than it is. One concern is that, the house has got woodden floor and if anyone walks hard let alone run, our neighbours might get disturbed. Apart from a good view of a small river, a railway track runs closer to our home, which means Anirud gets to watch the trains on a regular basis along with ducks and swans that are in the river.

Further, the new apartment block has got quite a few kids of Anirud’s age. As some of them go to the same nursery as Anirud, it is a good opportunity for him to have friends near the house.