Face Painting

For years we have been asking Anirud if he wants his face to be pained and he normally keeps away from that. This time around, when we had the Carnival at our town over the weekend, he chose himself to be painted as ‘Tiger’ and that too an ‘Orange’ one. He enjoyed every bit of the day by getting into all the possible rides, apart from being a tiger.

Later in the day, when we asked him where the tiger had gone, he said that it had gone down the wash basin (where he washed down all the paint).


For some reason or other, Anirud feels very bad about vomiting. About six months back, when we were at our friend’s place Anirud puked out. Although he was cleaned, given a new dress to wear, the place cleared of the mess – he kept feeling bad and uttering ‘sorry’ innumerable times. We comforted him saying that it is normal for anyone to vomit and it is just a minor accident after all. However, from time to time he will remember that episode and feel very bad. His tone will turn apologetic and he will promise that he wouldn’t do it again. Few days ago, Anirud remembered the incident even as we were just passing through the town where our friends live and went on with his usual apologies. He has seen people vomiting out in front of him and on those occasions, we have tried to convey the message as sensitively as we could that this is common among everyone to puke out. Seems that somewhere deep in his mind, he is concerned that he has done something wrong. Perhaps, we should take out a different approach and get that out of his mind.

Day Off at London

Anirud pushing the (empty) buggy at Green Park, London.

Last Saturday could have been a sort of dream day for Anirud in many ways. First, he got to travel in the tube, then he had a field day in Central London – by running around in Green Park, travelling in a bus, watching Big Ben in awe. To top it all, he got to see the London Eye from close quarters and returned home in the tube. In all, a very great day for him.