Naked Pooh

While playing with ‘Winnie the Pooh’ soft toy, Anirud took out Winnie’s red shirt. While he was proudly proclaiming his achievement, I mentioned that Winnie will take away his dresses just as he did when he was fast asleep. This happened in the evening and we all forgot about it. At night, in the bed, Anirud was seen taking away his duvet to check if his dresses are in place. He was telling us that Winnie might make him a ‘Shame Shame Puppy Shame’ boy by taking away his dresses. ;-))

Blood Test

Blood test turned out to be an anti-climax. There were two nurses at the hospital who went about the task of taking the blood sample, while the other – designated as ‘Play Specialist’ kept him busy with ‘Thomas and Friends’ engine. While coming out of the hospital, Anirud was asking why they hadn’t given him injection implying that he didn’t even realise that the blood was taken.

Photo Shoot

We booked up a photo shoot for Anirud over the weekend. A professional photographer clicked about 150 photographs in various outfits and backgrounds. We are yet to see the edited / touched upon output yet, but I guess it will happen soon where we need to choose one to be printed in big size. Anirud was cooperating well for a long time when he exactly did as the photographer wanted him to, but towards the end, it became a bit boring for him and he started running around. But the best part was that those photographs that were clicked when he was doing things on his own had come out really well.


Anirud has been coughing vigorously for the last few days. He has been suffering from cold and cough for the last few weeks and the doctors have been saying that it is some virus that will go away on its own. But this time around, our doc has asked him to go for a blood test next week. I guess that is going to be the next challenging task in front of us. Keeping our fingers crossed about the scene he is going to create while the blood is drawn.

Works of Art

Some painting and craft work done by Anirud at his playgroup.

On the day he came back from school with this painting, there was more paint on his dress than on the chart. 🙂

This is supposedly some work of art meant to be done with a bit of colour on the fingers.

Oh yeah… It is very much a Valentine’s Day card. Not sure if he knows what it is.

Assume this to be a monkey and you’ll get it right. Made with paper plate and pieces of brown paper.

Digger & Fire Engine

On the way to Anirud’s school, there is a shop that rents out industrial tools. That shop has prominently puts up their digger and other earth moving equipment on display at their forecourt. This coupled with the usage of digger in the nearby construction site has triggered Anirud’s interest in that equipment that he watches it in awe whenever it is being operated somewhere. One fine day, he asked us whether he could buy one of those huge machines for ourselves. Apart from that, he would only want a Fire Engine (real one). 🙂

First Hit?

Seems that Anirud has got hit by his classmate at school. As he hasn’t yet got the concept of a teacher who will be ‘controlling’ the class, he mentioned about that at home later on. He was very clear about what happened as he consistently demonstrated the incident several times along with the name of the boy who did that. Anirud was taught how to issue a stern warning and take it further if that happens again. Let us see how this turns out.

Viral Infection

Three weeks ago, Anirud caught the all common cold while at school. The doc said that it is a sort of viral infection and would only go away on its own. Unfortunately, that still continues and he has been finding it difficult to breathe during the night. In the recent days, he has been coughing vigorously as well. More than two different doctors have confirmed that all is well with him and there is nothing to worry. Just that it pains a bit when he suffers. Hopefully, this should build up his immune system well.