Online Ordering

Out of the blue, Anirud was asking us to buy him some sweets from the shop. On being told that it is Sunday and the shops will be closed, he threw us a bouncer with his response – “laptop-la order pannu pa” (Order it from the laptop). When we quizzed him further on what he meant by that, he had got the basics right. He was saying if we order the sweets from the laptop, the postman will cook and bring home some sweets. That funny bit apart, a 2.5 year old talking about online ordering was indeed a bit surprising. Think this generation’s kids are way ahead than we could possibly assume. Guess we can’t take things for granted any more.

Anjaneyar Effect

Ever since we started telling stories about Anjaneyar (Lord Hanuman), Anirud’s naughtiness has increased manifold. He is mischievously climbing on to the table, trying to reach the top of the fridge with a stool and gives us a trying time. He has become a big time ‘vaalu’ and that is where we see a connection between him and Anjaneyar. 🙂


Due to the fact that Anirud has nothing else to do on those days he doesn’t go to school (He will be attending school only for couple of days a week at this stage. Full time schooling will start only at the age of five), he was sent to a nursery (creche) so that he could get to meet few more kids of his age. He had few settling-in sessions during which he was very happy and enthusiastic. After three such sessions, it was decided to start the full time sessions. The first day went off really well, with him feeling a bit upset when he woke up in an unfamiliar environment after a short nap. The second day was the worst of all. He had cried and cried and cried for the whole day that he got worn out of crying and slept. We felt sorry for him, but from the third day onwards he took things relatively easily, even promising to ‘be a good boy and not to cry’ and he did. Thank god for that! 🙂 Few more sessions later, he has started liking the place and looks forward to go there.