School Visit

As Anirud is fast approaching school age, we made a visit to two of the schools nearby. As is the practice here, one of the senior members of the staff took us around the school and watch the activities for ourselves. In one of the schools, we spent more than 1.5 hours and Anirud started playing with the children over there. He would be starting with ‘playgroup’ in Jan next year and would move to Nursery only in September 2008.

Fun Day

Over the weekend, Anirud was taken to Fun Day organised by the company I work for. He had a roll of a time there taking part in all of the activities and games. The one he liked most is Robbie – the land train that he travelled in that about half a dozen times. Also, he chased down the tortoise and busybee clad men to give/get a warm hug. He got a chance to explore the fire engine, activate its siren, use the water hose to good effect, pedal a cycle, jump on the bouncy castle, run through the mazes etc.

Few photos taken during the day.

Where did Lord Muruga sit?

Anirud was told a short mythical story, which went on like below. Lord Muruga and Lord Vinayaka wanted to lay their claim on a holy fruit (Mango) brought over by Naradar. As they were told that the fastest one to return after going around the world once would get the fruit, Lord Muruga set out on his peacock and came back in no time. In the mean time, Lord Vinayaka felt that his parents were his world, went around them once and got the fruit himself. Enraged at the injustice meted out to him, Lord Muruga came to the earth, climbed up the hill and sat there.

At somepoint while the story was being told, it seems that Anirud’s attention drifted away. When he was asked ‘Where did Lord Muruga go and sit?’, he thought for a minute and said, ‘In the sofa’.

Rain Rain Go Away shop

At the local High Street..

Dad: What shop is that?
Anirud: Toy shop

Dad: What is that?
Anirud: Dress shop

Dad: What is that?
Anirud: suu shop (Shoe shop)

Dad: What shop is that?
Anirud: ikeem shop (Icecream shop)

Dad: What is that?
Anirud: Ain ain go away shop (Rain rain go away shop)

Dad: What shop is that?
Anirud (pointing to the umbrellas in the display) – Ain ain go away shop!