Police / Fire Engine

Whenever Anirud sees someone with a cap and some sort of uniform, he immediately cries ‘Policeman.. Policeman’. Same goes for the vehicles with siren and flashing light on top. However, he is clearly able to distinguish between the vehicles belonging to Police, Fire service and Ambulance. Whether this is by chance or otherwise remains to be seen. As the fire station is located closer to our home, he sees the fire engine more often and that is his favourite among the three.


Anirud was taken to a soft play area in Beaconsfield over the weekend. He enjoyed the place to the core in the company of Varsha and Advika. There was a dark tunnel in there that would run about 50 metres or so from a height of 30 feet, which was a bit frightening when one looks at the dark mouth of the tunnel. The kids did not have an iota of fear and jumped into the tunnel so many times with ease. Good for them as they had a ball of a time.


Seems that Anirud has got bored of the food items that are made available to him regularly. He refuses to have cereals for breakfast, flavoured yoghurt in the evenings these days. He would like to have new food items on his menu and his latest favourite is Veg Sausages.


For about 3 weeks, Anirud suffered from cold, cough and fever. This was followed by the usual round of food refusal and all the bad habits. Surprisingly, the food refusal phase got extended by several days and left us worried. Good thing was that Anirud was at his active best during this period. When consulted, the Doc said that it is a kind of virus that would not make him feel hungry. Eventually, Anirud started eating on his own after 2 weeks of near-complete hunger strike.


Anirud has got a set of characters that he is able to identify and relate to – Noddy, Bob the Builder, Fireman Sam, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas & Friends (trains) to name a few. He recognizes those characters where ever he sees them, be it on TV or elsewhere.