When Anirud was taken to Bournemouth beach couple of weeks ago, he fell in love with the water instantaneously. He never wanted to come back from the water and we had to forcibly pull him away. He used the slightest of the chances to escape from our clutches and run towards water though we managed to pull him back to safety. Wish we lived at a coastal town now.


These days Anirud uses both the washing machine and the dryer to good effect to get on top of the kitchen table. We are shit scared that he might fall down someday and strongly discourage him from going anywhere near the washing machine.

First Movie

Anirud watched Superstar Rajnikanth’s ‘Sivaji – The Boss’ yesterday at Safari Cinema in Harrow. It so happens that the very first movie for Anirud happens to be the first day, first show of the most expected movie of the year. At the theatre, once he got adapted to the environment he jumped out of his seat and started to wander. As he was about to do that, the lights went off and the movie started amidst lot of whistling and cat calls. Taken aback, this little fella rushed to his mom and remained seated on her lap till the end. He watched the movie in awe and slept towards the end. While we were returning, he was saying ‘rayyinni‘ (Rajini) and ‘ballikka‘ (Balleilikka song). Today he was asking us to play ‘pookkal pookkal‘ song (Sahaana… Pookkal Pooththadho!). He is able to recognise Rajinikanth in the adverts. Well.. another young fan for the Super Star.


After trying several times, Anirud has learnt to do a near-perfect somersault. The only bit where he fails is he falls from the side rather than forward. As long as he tries in the carpeted floor, it is fine. Hope he wouldn’t learn it the hard way by trying the same on a concrete floor.

Mad about books

Mad about books
Anirud is mad about books these days. Every week we borrow about 7-10 kid’s books from the local library and he makes sures that we explain him the contents of the same. One particular book – a story of a bear named Andrew is his favourite that he always prefer that for bedtime story reading. Also, in the library there is a headphone which on putting over one’s ear would play nursery rhymes. That has caught the fancy of every little kid including Anirud.

Apart from that, he insists on visiting the library whenever we step out of the house. Library, which is literally a stone’s throw from our house is a place that we had to pass through for almost everything, has become a new chill out location for Anirud.

Fruity Boy

Anirud is able to identify most of the fruits now and as always he is a big fan of fruits. We have to literally hide the fruits from his view before the mealtime as otherwise he would insist on taking the fruits rather than any other food. Strawberry continues to be his favourite and he like Banana, Pineapple, Melon, Raspberries, Orange, Grapes, Apple and Mango. He would never accept a peeled Banana but would like to peel it himself though he doesn’t know how to do that properly.