Blue Car

On the day when there were quite a few guests at home, our car was parked in a garage away from the usual parking slot. Anirud sensed that the car was missing and he kept looking for the car often saying ‘boo car’ (Blue Car). Whenever other blue cars were pointed to, he dismissed them as he realised that they were not ours.


If Anirud doesn’t sleep for at least an hour during the day, he will be at his crankiest best in the evenings until he goes to bed. He would not sleep during the day if he had not taken his food well. He would not take his food properly, if he was suffering from fever/cold/cough. So if at all he catches cold, we know where it would lead to and start to get anxious.
Best part in this is one fine day he didn’t sleep in the afternoon and we were getting ready to go out in the evening. Anirud was standing near the sofa, felt tired and started to sleep in the standing position with his head resting on the sofa.

Sorry to me!

These days Anirud is ready to apologise if he hurts anyone physically. As soon as someone cries with pain, he immediately says ‘Soyeee’ and smooths the part that got hurt. It was a steep climbdown from his previous position when he had ego about the size of a mountain to apologise. What we are keen that he should understand is that he shouldn’t hurt anyone in the first place.
On the other day, he hurt himself accidentally. Realising his folly immediately, he uttered a ‘Sorry’ and rubbed the part where he had hit. In effect, he was apologising to himself.


On the otherday when we were working at the kitchen, Anirud pointed to a vessel with yellowish liquid and asked ‘Sambaaraa?’ (Is that Sambhar?). As I know that he relates most of the liquid food items of that colour with ‘Sambhar’, I said YES and brought him closer to the vessel. Having had a look for a few seconds, he immediately said ‘Rasam’ and walked away. Oh boy.. how correct he was.


Now, Anirud is able to recognise a good number of colours (Red, Green, Blue, White, Black, Yellow etc). He doesn’t need to be asked about the colours anymore. As soon as he recognises any object of that colour, he instantly blurts out the name of the object with the colour.


As Anirud was cooed a lot in the recent days in the presence of his grandparents, it went on top of his head that he started to unlearn lot of good habits which we inculcated in him after lot of effort. He stopped eating on his own and even if we fed him, he would keep wandering around and wanted us to follow him.

Odd’s Farm

Visited an animal farm named ‘Odd’s Farm’ to distract Anirud from the disturbance caused due to the absence of his grandparents. It was a joy seeing him play with all the farm animals like Rabbits, Goats, Sheeps, Pigs, Donkeys and Cows. He was so excited seeing each one of them and he also fed food to a rabbit and goat. When he took the goat food and stretched his hands, the animal licked his hand in the process of consuming the food. I would remember the happiness in his face for my lifetime.

Thaathaa oookaa?

As his grandparents left for India on an early morning, Anirud realised their absence few minutes after waking up. He was in tears standing at the door expecting them to return back after a short outing. As we explained him that they have returned back to their place (oor) the reality sank in him few hours later. Every few minutes, he kept asking ‘Thaathaa oookaa?’ (thaathaa oorukka?) meaning ‘Has grandpa gone back to his place?’. It took few weeks for him to come back to his normal self.