No Water

After he got introduced to Orange Juice, Anirud had almost stopped taking water. He hardly takes 2 or 3 sips of water from the glass. Sometimes his lips go dry and that time he would take a sip or two, but not anymore. The Health Visitor adviced us that it is a passing phase and his body might be getting the fluid through the regular intake of fruits.


Showing signs of a growing up toddler, Anirud is becoming more and more adamant some of the days. Whenever he is taken to the nearby park, he refuses to return back and creates a scene by crying and wailing all the way back home. Some other days, he always wants to stay out in the garden and play. It is perfectly understandable that he is getting bored of being inside the house and wants to have a go, but very often we lose our patience on his adamant postures and that is when the problem begins.

Grandparent’s visit

All through April, Anirud’s maternal grandparents gave him good company. Right from the moment he met his grandpa at the airport they instantly became mates and both of them had a jolly good time to their heart’s content. That we were able to leave him for quite a few hours with his grandparents is a good enough proof of how Anirud got attached to them. Hundreds of pictures of Anirud were taken and printed during this time and he learnt quite a lot of stuff as well.

Toddler Group

Anirud enjoys his time at the Toddler group. Its a shame that it happens only once a week, which is hardly enough for him. In particular, he likes see-saw and it would be tough to drag him away from that. Its a good chance for him to mingle with other children of his age group. We are looking at putting him in other toddler groups in our area should there be a chance.