When Anirud’s mom left open the laptop and moved away to attend an incoming call, he quietly shut down the system, waited for it to turn black, closed the laptop and took it to the table where it is normally kept. For his age, the laptop was quite a bit heavy, but he pushed himself hard and carried it with all care.


Anirud is trying to do somersault these days. We are not sure whether he saw anyone doing this on TV or he is trying to do something on his own. But, he has been trying this for the last couple of days on the bed and feels thrilled about it. As long as he tries that on the bed, it is fine.

1 to 10

Onnu, Dendu, Noonu, Naavu… that is how Anirud pronounces the numbers 1 to 10 in Tamil. We are particulary elated that he is able to pronounce that ‘zha’ in ‘Ezhu’ properly unlike the comperers in Tamil TV channels. Now a days, he repeats almost what we say and do. This is the time for us to be extra careful in choosing the words we use.

TV Craze

We have made it a point not to let Anirud watch the TV for more than few hours a day. Sometimes he gets more adamant about watching the idiot box, that he hands us the remote egging us to switch it on. So far, we haven’t been relenting and have no plans to do so, at least in the near future.


Whichever shop we visit, Anirud gets a lollypop. Mostly, he is given one at the restaurants we visit and he strikes an instant friendship with the staff at the shop that they take him along and play with him for a while.

Safe Vault

Anirud has found a safe vault in the house to hide his goodies. Yesterday, when we asked him where he had kept the remote control, he quickly ran towards the dryer and came back with the remote. Upon further observation, we noticed that most of the time he puts some stuff like his toys etc, perhaps with the intention of safekeeping them.