When Anirud gets excited for certain things, he says “aiiiiiii” with a super bright glow on both his eyes. Another buzzword that has caught him is “hmmmmm”. He answers with a prompt “hmmm” whenever he is asked something.


Anirud is speaking more words after the recent round of fever. Not sure what the connection is, but after he recovered from his fever, we are able to understand his words properly despite the ‘mazhalai’ accent. It feels good that he calls us ‘Appa / Amma’ properly and also ‘Daddy / Mummy’, despite the fact that we didn’t teach him the later.


When Anirud repeated “Oh No!” – that was said by someone in the telly, his accent was as British as a Fish and Chips shop. This is not to say that he will be speaking in British accent all the time in the future. Just that he is able to take in the little things from the TV and deliver back in the same style.