Lost and Found

Anirud went missing for some time while we were shopping at Debenhams on Boxing Day. After few heart pounding minutes, he was found trying his best pushing a trolley full of clothes. The factor that increased the tension was that the building’s exit was very close to the place he was last seen and if this bugger had ventured out, it would have been a very difficult day.

Finger Doll

Anirud is really fond of finger doll. The one, where you draw a face on the thumb and move it appropriately, playing the ventriloquist. He would be all smiles when we do it and he wanted to do the same as well. But, the funniest thing was he was only able to move the index finger around with the drawing on the thumb.

Elephant Game

As soon anyone utters the word ‘yaanai’ (elephant), Anirud would soon start crawling. If ever, one of us start crawling he would be doubly happy, as he would crawl in front of us, as if he is leading the herd. Perhaps, he has observed elephants moving in herds in the telly that whenever we stop or slow down, he would reverse down and take us along.


These days Anirud screams a lot for everything. It is not that he is angry or anything like that. Perhaps, it is his way of expressing his excitement. But the trouble is, he gets excited very often giving out a shrill screaming noise that rattles one’s ear. We are pretending to ignore that in the hope that he will give up.


Balamory in CBeebies channel seem to be the favourite TV programme for Anirud. Not only that he hardly bats his eyelid while watching that programme, but also hums the programme’s title song very often. We were even able to wake him up from sleep saying that Balamory is about to be aired.


Gone are the days when we can put Anirud into bed, close the door to find him dose off peacefully. These days, he refuses to sleep unaccompanied, which is bothering us a lot. We are struggling really hard to get him into regular sleeping routine, but that is easier said than done.