Signal Boy

Whenever Anirud is taken out in the buggy, he likes to push the button that would cause the signal to turn green/red in the pedestrian crossing. As soon as he sees a crossing, he gets ready with his index finger out to press the button. However,the buggy will have to be lifted to enable him do that.


Wisdom tooth is coming up for Anirud and that causes lot of pain in his jaws and gums. It hurts to see him hit himself on his jaws or trying to bite something hard. Sometimes, he gets so frustrated with his pain that he throws his hands and legs in turn hurting anyone coming his way. Coming so soon after we thought he is mellowing down, it took a while to figure out what was wrong with him and distract him towards something he likes whenever he turned aggressive.

Down to Earth?

Whenever Anirud hears the knock on the door, he’ll rush towards the entrance if he thinks that one of us is getting home. The main door being a stained glass door, he would be able to make out the person on the other side. If it is one of us, we will kneel down and keep our face closer to the door in order for him to see us very clearly. That appears so funny to him that he also kneels down on the other side and presses his face on the door. His already flat nose looks even more flatter when he does that. Its a joy to see him display all his tooth.

Mellowed Down

After last week’s brief illness, Anirud is feeling a bit more closer and attached towards us. Whenever he sits on the sofa with one of us, he leans towards us and expect us to put our arm around him. His voice has mellowed down a bit and it looks like, he has turned soft. Not that he was bad earlier, his decibel level is normally high that at times it gave an impression that he is shouting and angry. But, that has changed for the better in the recent days.


Anirud prefers to eat all by himself these days. Only that when he is offered a bowl of rice, he picks up only a grain or two and puts it into his mouth. Within about five minutes, this gets boring for him (and for everybody), he loses interest in the food and runs away. We are glad that at least he is showing inclination to eat and the hand-eye-mouth coordination is working well.

Swimming Again

Anirud’s second swimming lesson was far better than the first one. He started enjoying right from the word go. The swimming instructor and the parents in the water would sing ‘Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall’ in chorus. When it comes to ‘Humpty Dumpty had a great fall’, the children would be pulled into the water. The collective, big ‘thud’ sound was so thrilling for Anirud and he was all smiles & noise till the end. He dipped his head couple of times inside the water, but was generally okay. He even floated on water for few minutes without being held. More than him, we are looking forward to his Saturdays.