A Bad Hair Cut

For some unknown reason Anirud started crying while his hair was being cut. Any amount of cajoling didn’t help and the hair dresser had to abort the attempt half way through. This is in total contrast to the previous time when he didn’t move an inch that prompted the hair dresser to give a discount in the charge.


Hi! – This was the ad slogan for Hutch mobile when they set foot in Chennai about 4 years ago. Now, this is the latest word in Anirud’s vocabulary. A friend of Anirud’s mom said ‘hi’ to him over phone and immediately he caught that word and was heard repeating that all evening.

Naughty? Nah…

Naughty is no more an apt word for Anirud. He has gone several steps beyond that in the recent weeks. He puts the vessels in the washing machine, hides the jar of the blender inside the medicine rack, switches off the laptop, pushes the chair nearer to the table so that it is convenient for him to climb on, tries to hop on from his cot to the bigger bed and the list goes on. The hunt is still on for a missing mixie(food blender) lid. Don’t know what is in store in the coming days.


In the recent days, Anirud has started imitating the rest at home. Few of his favourite imitations are

1) If he gets hold of a towel, he would try to dry his hair even when it is already dry.

2) Whenever he finds a key, he immediately goes near the door and puts that into the keyhole trying to see if that fits.

3) On seeing others do the situps (thoppukaranam) before God he does that as well, but without his hands touching his ears.

4) Anirud would place his imaginary phone near his ear, tilt his head, hold the phone(?) with his shoulder and walk away talking.

Perhaps, this is how children develop new habits.

Self Eating

Anirud has been introduced to family dining, where every one would have dinner at the same time at the dining table. Of course, Anirud would be sitting on his high chair. On seeing others eat, he tried to do the same and in the process finished of half a chapathi, which is a decent quantity going by his recent food intake metrics over the last month or so. This appears to be one of the good ways of teaching him the art of self eating.