Early Learning

Anirud was standing at the window and was generally watching outside. As is common in UK, a young couple who arrived in a car stood outside the block of flats and did something that was more appropriate if it had been done indoors. Anirud saw that and when they moved a little bit away, he craned his neck to ensure that he got a good view of what they were doing. hmm.. that was a bit of early learning indeed.


One of the easiest ways to manage Anirud was to leave the front door of the house open. He would stand right at the entrance, watching the passers by and often greeting the visitors of the other flats with a smile or cry, depending on his mood. Every few minutes he would come inside the house, check everything is okay and go back and stand at the door. Wanting to show that he is growing up, these days he has started walking out. Very often, he steps out and walks in to the verendah of the apartment. Since he knocks at our neighbour’s doors, of late the front door of the house remains closed.


After several months, Anirud has caught cold. As it happens when he is not well, he dislikes food, unable to sleep properly and behaves in a cranky way. It would take a good 5-6 days to return to the normal cycle.

Trolley Mad

Anirud is so crazy about pushing the trolleys at the super markets. Whenever he is taken to super market, he insists on getting down from his buggy and wants to push the trolley. He doesn’t mind whose trolley he pushes. The only trouble is that the trolleys are more than twice his height. Also, the vast space in the super markets gives him ample freedom to run around, and hoot at will that some one have to act as a steward to run behind him.

Away with the slippers

A lady was trying out new foot wear at the super market. Anirud, who was jay walking around that area found the slippers very attractive. He quickly went near her and ran away with her foot wear – one hand carrying one of her old foot wear and and the other hand carrying one of the new ones she was trying. Poor lady, she couldn’t walk anywhere and it took a couple of minutes to rescue her things from him.