Having watched people talk over the phone, Anirud is mad over the phones. Apart from insisting on talking with anyone over the phone, he picks up anything (be it a wire, a toy, computer mouse etc.), gets that near his ear, tilts his head and says ‘..lo’ (to be understood as Hello) assuming that piece of thing is a telephone.

Books Collection

Anirud’s first book was the one that the local library gave when he became a member. He loved the colourful, thick paged book with huge pictures of babies doing various things. Now, he has got several books on varied topics like colours, shapes, objects and so on. Every now and then, he picks up one of those books, flips across the pages – something he loves doing, gives a quick look at the pictures and moves on. Anirud is yet to be taught that books shouldn’t be stamped upon while walking.

Climb & Fall

Anirud has learnt to climb up the sofa on his own. Learning to climb the sofa also means that he would stand on the sofa. Standing on the sofa also means that he would stand in the edge. Standing in the edge also means that he would have a free fall. But, a free fall doesn’t mean that he has got his lessons right. The climb-stand-fall-cry cycle continues every day.

Bat & Ball

Anirud indicated in the best possible way that he needs a bat & ball. When he could get his hands on the spatula, he was treating that as a bat and found an orange for the ball to play with. Very soon, he would be getting a new bat & ball to fiddle around.


A half foot robot that Anirud got as his birthday gift is his current nemesis now. He do likes the robot, but only when it is muted. When it is switched on, the sound scares him a little bit that he keeps away from the path on which the robot walks or better still he pushes that away so that the robot doesn’t come anywhere near him. Funny to watch him push the toy & run away from it.

Hide & Seek

Hide & Seek seems to be Anirud’s favourite game. Even when he is just about to doze off, one could pull him into the game and he’ll enjoy it like anything. This little blighter gets cleverer with each game that these days, he skips all the easy hideouts and checks out the more tougher ones. He even makes a quick check through the door gap before deciding whether or not to enter a particular room.