Anirud’s Waterloo

Anirud exposed his big weakness on the other day. When his own voice, which was recorded over the voice recorder in the mobile phone was played to him, he got scared and started crying. He has heard that quite a few times before, but of late he is scared over that. Probably he thinks that someone is hiding inside the phone. šŸ™‚

Caught red-handed

Anirud is fast becoming a big time prankster. From switching on the washing machine to turning off/on the gas knobs, from touching the hot iron to pulling the wires/cables, he is doing everything he can that it becomes a big risk to leave him alone even for a few minutes. For a few days now, he has been fiddling with the VCR. Today, his curiosity got the better of him and he put his hand in the slot where one would insert the cassette. But he couldn’t get the hand out and started crying aloud as it got stuck. Within minutes of his hand being pulled out, he started towards another thing lying around.