Anirud had his first haircut over the weekend. Traditionally, in our home we used to tonsure the head at the temple of our family deity. Since we are miles away from India at present and also because Anirud’s hair is growing at lengths often touching his nose, we decided to cut the hair now. We knew that it is not feasible to do it at a barber’s shop, so we cut it ourselves at our home. It was quite a drama as one of us held him close restricting his movements, while the other cut the hair with utmost care. He tried his best to free himself and be part of the action, but we didn’t give up until we were satisfied. In the end, we feel that we have done a good job and he looks extra smart than how he was. We have preserved the strands of hair to offer it at the temple, whenever we go there.

First Friend

Anirud was taken to the lullaby club for the first time last week. As is his usual wont, he started crying on meeting the strangers. When few babies arrived at the venue, they too started weeping on seeing him cry. In due course, he settled down and enjoyed the innumerable toys that were there. He even warmed up to another baby girl towards the end. His first friend happens to be a girl.. hmm.