Ooops! That was HOT!!

Sadly, Anirud paid a lil’ price for his naughtiness yesterday. Knowing his curiosity to watch the washing machine spin around, we let him be near the washing machine without actually realising that we had set the water temperature at 90 deg C. Only after he let out a small scream, we realised that he had touched the hot doors. Thankfully, it wasn’t worse off as he took his hands off the machine reasonably quickly.


Anirud’s current ambition in life is to conquer the bathroom in our house. It is the only place where he is not allowed to go on his own for hygienic reasons and he is more than curious to see it for himself. Whenever he sees the door of the bathroom open, he races towards the place in order to set his foot, nay his hands in. When he eventually makes it one day, he might perhaps, think that the place isn’t that very interesting for him to be forbidden for so long.


Anirud is suffering from severe cold and fever. All night he kept breathing through the mouth and we feel that using nasal drops on him is one of the toughest thing on earth. Despite all the troubles, he continues to be his own self with loads of pranks up his sleeve.

Toothy Awe

Anirud was looking in awe as his mom was brushing her teeth. Not that she was doing something extraordinary, but it was the first time he had seen some one do that. Not only his eye brows rose, he was all smiles & appeared a bit thrilled to see her do that. What appears exciting to watch might not be so when it is applied on him, as he sports 2 little tooth now and he would have to use the brush soon.

Sleep baby sleep

For the last couple of days, Anirud is refusing to sleep in his cot. He was alright with the cot until a week back. Since he was not well due the teething issues, we let him sleep in our bed and now he is refusing to sleep in his place. Yesterday, he cried for about an hour to be lifted from the cot and at last we relented. The Health visitor insists that we shouldn’t relent, how much ever he cries. We’ll see who wins the next round.