Sssshhhh…. Celebrations should be quiet

On the other day we went to a restaurant for dinner and there was a group of about a dozen people in the nearby table. All of a sudden, they started singing “Happy Birthday” for one among them and Anirud – being a phobic of sound started crying loudly that their singing was lost in the noise he raised. We felt a bit embarrassed but more than that they felt the same. They were constantly looking at our table to see if he is alright. It seems that one another person too was celebrating his/her birthday in that group and the group were about to sing “Happy Birthday” again. On sensing this, we were trying our best to distract Anirud by doing things for which he would normally laugh, while they finished singing – of course with all their eyes on Anirud. Thankfully, he let them sing without his background music.

Sit.. Kneel… Stand

Two new developments w.r.t. Anirud

1 – He has got a little but a very sharp teeth in the lower jaw. Another ‘arisi pal’ is on the way.

2 – For the last few days, he was trying to stand from the kneeling position and he finally did. He was holding a low level plastic stool for support and that was about to fall down. Yet, he some how stood and we didn’t want to help him out until he made it on his own.

Now, we need to exercise more caution as he can easily reach sofas and we have lost one more place for safe keeping the things.


On the other day while having Strawberry Trifle after dinner, we took a bit of cream in a spoon and put in Anirud’s mouth. This was probably his first taste of something outside his routine diet of milk & other baby food. The minute he tasted it, he had an immense liking and was salivating. After few more spoons, though he was craving for more – we had to stop it as he was just getting better after his tooth issues. Perhaps, this is how addiction towards sweet & creamy stuff starts.

Teething Issues

Shortly this little fella is gonna sport a teeth. Now, he feels like biting anything that comes his way, but not the one that is meant to be bitten – teether. Well.. that is what kids are about. For the last three days, he was suffering from diarrohea, slight rise in temperature etc. But what bothered us more are his incessant crying and also the fact that he was less active than his normal self. Docs & other new parents who have experienced this tell that it is normal and today there are signs that he is returning to normal gradually, which is great.

hmmm… if it would be like this for a single teeth, how would it be for the rest?

Wash Watch

One of the favourite pastime for Anirud is to crawl up to the kitchen from where ever he is and watch the washing machine spin from close quarters. The whirrring sound and the movement of some colourful stuff inside appears to fascinate him. Its a joy to watch him watch.

What a fall

Anirud fell off from the bed yesterday. Usually, he sleeps in his cot which has got its fence kinda thing for safety. But yesterday morning we put him in our bed for some reason and erected a pillow cordon around him. This brat woke up a bit earlier than usual and didn’t make even a mild noise. Instead, he started crawling over the pillows and unfortunately landed in the floor with the thud. Though he hit the other cot (his own) and brought down the study lamp, he wasn’t injured. He cried for a little while and was back to his own self soon enough. Thank god for that.


Anirud is very much scared of any jarring sound. In the few months he was in India, he used to cry when he hears the bell if taken to temple, where as at home, he is scared of cooker whistle. Ironically, this fella is fond of music. He grins when the music player is switched on or when one of us hums or even whistles.