My Son & I

Got to see Anirudh for the first time on a beautiful Monday morning. Like he does most of the time these days, he was happily sleeping underneath a little mosquito net. I knelt down, but wasn’t exactly sure how I could lift him as I had never lifted a kid that small. I couldn’t exactly express how I felt that time, as ‘elated’ would be too small a word, but seeing him in real life did give me a sense of pride. I touched him on his soft cheek and he immediately changed his posture. Seems that he is so very sensitive to touch that as soon as I mildly touched his palm, he gripped my finger immediately. Didn’t have the heart to release my finger from that little palm. Minutes later, with a thumping heart I lifted him up in my arms and he greeted me with a drizzle.

Thanks to the lovely Chennai/Trichy weather (bloody hell.. they are all the same), I remained indoors for most part of the time and all I did was watch Anirudh sleep. Fresh after a bath one day, we made him wear half a dozen dresses that I got for him and merrily clicked as many photographs I could. I am glad that he cooperated very well though some of the dresses were big enough to accommodate few more kids. The night before I left, he demonstrated how a knackered night would be if he is not in the best of his elements. By & large, he is quite calm & doesn’t cry too often. But then, 40 days is just too early to say anything. It was very tough to leave him, but I have promises to keep. By the time I meet him next, he would be slightly bigger and might even have some pranks under his kitty. Looking forward to that day.