Changing Times & Changed Me

Made the first purchase for our newborn yesterday. In fact, it happened without any planning. I was out on the street, doing the usual weekly shopping when a smart dress displayed at the window of the kids’ wear shop caught my eye. Instinctively, I entered the shop, scanned the varieties and made the quick purchase. This shop has been around for so many years at the same place. I have gone past this shop tens of hundreds of times before, but I have never bothered to glance at that side. Times have changed very quickly and before I could realise, it has changed me. With the addition of a new member in the family, the entire thought process is slowly but steadily undergoing lots of changes in the last few days. From the need to allot more space to accommodate this little chap’s paraphernalia to placing the kid’s requirements first in every bit of planning to eliminate certain words in my vocabulary (that is the most difficult bit), I am thinking about lot many things of late.

In whatever I do, my mind right now is with Anirudh. I am trying to put down things as I think at the moment. Perhaps, all these might be nothing but initial euphoria and life may continue as before.


Forwarded to you by a proud dad!

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From: Anirud Chakkarapani [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2005
To: All of you!


How are you?

I am Anirud. At the time of typing, I am just about an hour old, as I was born at around 7:38 pm (IST) on Wednesday, 20th of April 2005 at Trichy, India.

My mom & I are doing great, but a lil’ tired at the moment. We are just waiting to get home & join my dad. I’ve said ‘Nah!’ to photo-shoots so far. But I was told that my dad is already pestering for my snaps. I would oblige him a bit later. Since I am busy receiving relatives & friends, I have asked my dad to keep in touch with you all on my behalf.

Catch you all a lil’ later folks. Lotsa things to do now. See ya.

s/o Chakra & Charu (Ramya).

Dad: +44 (0) 773 667 6377
Me: Would get one soon!